Founded in late 2007, dubitare is a think tank specializing in applied social research to address significant social problems that influence health and wellbeing.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of innovative, equitable, cost-effective and preventive policies acting on the social determinants of health. We aim to become a bridge between disciplines, sectors and actors that influence the development of social policies through social research.

What we are

We research and translate results and scientific language into recommendations that contribute to cost-effective, equitable and preventive policy making.

We aim to elaborate specific, feasible and significant evidence-based proposals out of complex scenarios. We focus on interdisciplinary and original research but we understand that socially relevant research needs full integration with the policy making framework like public, media, interest groups, technical experts’ perspectives and specific priorities like timing and cost-effectiveness just to mention a few.

What we are not

We are not a consulting firm or a market research company, nor a traditional think tank.

While we share with the above organizations their practical approach, dubitare focuses on original social research with the aim of contributing to the development of innovative, cost-effective, equitable and preventive policies.

We are not academics.

While we share with academics their rigorous approach to problems, dubitare embeds rigor into an interdisciplinary process whose ultimate aim is to find feasible, significant, clear and concise proposals to contribute to policy development.


Dubitare’s team is made up of diverse professional profiles that integrate experience in more than one discipline and at least two areas among university, business or government together with a profile of social research.

Our partners belong to research institutions and leading European Universities.

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